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academias de  ballet en españa

Ballet Academies in Spain

Ballet Academies in Spain Carmina Ocaña Ballet School . It is the only one in Madrid specialized in teaching Classical Ballet, since its foundation in 1968. Being the Classic Ballet

ballet fitness

Ballet Fitness

Ballet Fitness It is based on ballet and has different components, although the best known and accessible in the Barre. The classes take place in a ballet bar and include

posiciones de ballet

Ballet Positions

Ballet positions Body Positions There are eight body positions in the Cecchetti method and there are eleven in the French and Russian methods (Vaganova). The difference is that in the

musica de ballet

Ballet Music

Ballet music Music has the ability to awaken feelings in people in various ways, experiencing certain reactions such as joy, melancholy, tension, etc.. The dancer uses these circumstances to produce

pasos de ballet

Ballet steps

Ballet steps Next we will name them ballet steps and how each of them is executed. Adagio A series of exercises consisting of a succession of slow and elegant movements

academias de ballet internacionales

International Ballet Academies

We have seen great dancers in scenes, which show us great performances. However, behind these excellent dancers there is a whole formation that supports them; so it is important to

juegos de ballet

Ballet Games

Many dance teachers focus a lot on learning the rules and technique, but in some cases you have to take into account that it is not always the best recommendation,

Ballet dancer’s feet

Ballet Dancing Feet The anatomy of the feet of ballet dancers is specifically designed for their bones, joints and ligaments, muscles and tendons, vessels (arteries, veins, lymphatics), nerves, subcutaneous tissue,

History of Ballet

History of ballet Ballet developed under aristocratic influence as a formalized form of dance. A formal dance technique is combined with costumes, sets and music as other forms of artistic

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