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The ballet shoes are lightweight designed specifically for ballet practice. They are made of leather, canvas, or soft satin and have fine, flexible soles. They are typically available in pink, black, grey or white. Traditionally, women wear pink and men wear white, while flesh colours or browns that give the appearance of dancing barefoot are worn by both men and women.ballet shoes or pointed shoes when circumstances require it. Young dancers are restricted from wearing ballet shoes until their bones are stiffened and their muscles are strong enough to be able to dance at a point. Dancers almost always wear soft ballet shoes, as they rarely dance on the tip. We as a shop offer you a wide variety of slippers, with a diversity of colors, materials, styles, among many other options to choose from, ideal for any audience.Our ballet shoes have a cotton lining that makes them resistant and with a leather upper.The options for choosing the soles are two, the running soles covering the whole part of the foot, or the split sole covering only two parts of the foot such as the heel and toes. But some of the slippers come with a Greek style with a heel ideal for ballet teachers. The materials of the soles are comfortable as; leather and synthetic materials.To hold the ballet shoes to the feet come with elastic band, which are used to secure the ballet shoes to the feet. Each shoe can be secured either with a single band across the arch of the foot or with two bands crossing in an “X” shape at the top of the arch.The materials for making the shoes are comfortable and soft, some of them are; canvas, leather, satin, synthetic leather, satin, among many others. These materials fit well to the foot and as they are soft they are easy to use in ballet classes. They are designed with these materials because they are durable and help keep the foot warm. Materials such as canvas are typically worn by men and those made with satin are typically used by women.The ballet shoes come with a wide variety of colors, the most common are; pink, black, white, although there are also other colors such as brown, red, yellow. .The shoes are ideal for any age as children or adults and for any gender whether men, women or unisex.

Shoes Ballet Tips

The ballet tips are a type of ballet shoes similar to the shoes described above but with reinforcement in the front of them. Its purpose is that the ballet dancers rise above them supporting the weight of their whole body on the tip. The objective of the point shoes is to provide a light and stylized appearance of the dancer during the performance, that seems to levitate on the floor or that does not make noise when falling after a jump.The tips of ballet shoes commonly come in white and pink. To attach the shoes to the feet come with a tape that can be tied around the foot. Like sneakers, pointed sneakers come with full or half soles.

Ballet shoe accessories

Shoes come with a wide variety of accessories.The ballet tips protectors are ideal for toes. Some of the protectors are made of high quality silicone for experienced dancers with ballet tips. They are made of a single elastic and soft piece with a thicker shape at the tip for greater comfort and protection of your toes and thinner at the top to adapt perfectly to the foot. Another presentation of pad is gel for, these pads are unique as they are reversible and can be trimmed to a custom fit and are made with cotton and spandex.The ballet tips protective covers with elastic fabric and leather sole. They are the perfect solution to keep the tips as new, are very practical for classes and especially for protection in tests, theaters or on the ground whose surface can damage the tips.Ballet fingers protectors, protect your fingers from friction and pressure from ballet tips. It is a tube of fabric with gel inside to protect the fingers, are 2cm wide and 15 long each piece that you can cut to fit the size and shape you need. They relieve the pressure of the joint and prevent rubbing, the perfect protection for your fingers from the dancer. The inner gel will slowly release a medicinal mineral oil that hydrates the skin.Other products are a kit of tapes, which come with elastics, threads and needles perfect for ballet tips. It is a perfect emergency kit for performances and festivals.The satin ribbons with elastic that are perfect for ballet tips, these satin ribbons are made of elastic so that they fit perfectly but without over-tightening the Achilles tendon. The special resin for ballet. It is the essential complement in ballet bags, in a bottle of colophony resin that is applied on the base of the ballet tip to prevent slipping, can also be used with other footwear (such as ballet shoes, Spanish shoes, among many others).The ballet tip templates are necessary and ideal for narrow feet that do not finish filling the tips. These templates are recommended as a very simple and effective method to reduce excess space in the heel and sides of the shoes.
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